Precise. Portable. Revolutionary.

Brilliantly simple

Precise. Portable. Revolutionary.

Brilliantly simple

Elevating surgeons. Ensuring access.

In a mixed reality setting

Our Vision

To revolutionize surgical precision and patient care by transforming operating rooms into digitized, immersive environments.

Our Mission

To create a new class of mixed-reality surgical technology that provides surgeons with precise and efficient information in real-time to streamline procedures and improve outcomes.

What Makes POLARISAR Unique?

Reimagining Surgical Technology

POLARISAR is pioneering a new era in surgical technology. Through the integration of advanced mixed-reality technology, we’re not only expanding the boundaries of traditional methods but also redefining the essence of surgical precision and patient care.

Real-Time, Targeted Guidance

STELLAR Knee delivers real-time, targeted guidance and information directly onto the surgical field, empowering surgeons with informed decision-making.

Effortless Precision

STELLAR Knee ensures effortless precision during Total Knee Arthroplasty surgeries, providing robot-like accuracy without unnecessary complexity or costs.

Simultaneous Anatomy and Data Viewing

Surgeons can simultaneously view the patient's knee anatomy and essential data, optimizing situational awareness and decision-making.

Customized Surgical Support

Serving as a digital assistant, STELLAR Knee offers personalized guidance throughout the surgical process, enhancing proficiency and workflow efficiency.

Cost-Effective Innovation

Despite its advanced features, STELLAR Knee remains cost-effective, minimizing the need for expensive infrastructure and accessories, thus democratizing access to state-of-the-art knee surgery technology.

Revolutionary Integration and Control

Unlike conventional systems, STELLAR Knee seamlessly integrates into any operating room setup, accommodating diverse workflows and surgical preferences. With no need for monitors, external cameras, or towers, the surgeon maintains full control using intuitive hand gestures and voice commands within a mixed reality environment, marking a groundbreaking shift in surgical technology.

Unprecedented Implant Compatibility

STELLAR Knee offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing surgeons to utilize any implant system for total knee arthroplasty procedures. Surgeons have the freedom to choose from a wide range of implant systems while accommodating unique patient needs or specific preferences, ensuring personalized treatment.