Elevating Surgical Insight

Grounded in the belief that computing power should empower its users, we envision a future where technology equips every surgeon with the precise insights and vision necessary to mitigate unforeseen variances during surgery, thus advancing patient outcomes. This vision firmly integrates mixed reality as a transformative cornerstone in surgical practice.

Empowering surgeons

We believe that technology should enhance the skills that a surgeon is gifted with. Through advanced spatial computing, we are developing solutions that may hone and sharpen the tools of the profession to give surgeons an edge in their practice and in the marketplace. Our goal is to transcend robotics and traditional augmented reality by delivering an experience that feels incredibly advanced, yet reassuringly second nature.

Reassuringly second nature

We look to better equip our surgeon users with in-depth, patient specific data to mine greater insights and unlock exponentially greater results in the operating room. This with the goal of delivering an unprecedented, versatile platform that establishes a relationship between the surgeon and their own gifts that is intentional and intuitive. From this, we seek an experience that feels incredibly advanced yet reassuringly second nature.

Incredibly Advanced

We see a future where surgeons and technology forge a symbiotic relationship based on trust—a trust in the capabilities of technology, the resulting outcomes, and the boundless potential. It’s not merely about providing enhanced surgical navigation; it’s about elevating the surgeon to take charge of both the technology and the resulting outcomes.